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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5:34 AM - almost ready

by hairplay

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

12:31 PM - shower

by _mey_

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6:33 AM - the future

by Lifeinfoto

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6:17 AM - i am not crazy before bath, i swear

by teclafuelleboton
"i am not crazy before bath, i swear "

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6:16 AM - 4.6

by Peque

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6:09 AM - Too Late To Turn Back Now

by * sofie *

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6:02 AM - i am not

by jhawke

"i'm not sad. i'm not depressed. i'm not tired. i'm not lonely. i'm not upset."

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5:56 AM - are you watching me?

by photobrettwalker

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5:54 AM - bathroom camera

by jenni_urbz

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5:50 AM - bathtime´s story

by ®omiNita

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5:43 AM - gotcha me

by meganthefallen

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5:37 AM - in the semi dark

by dhammza

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5:31 AM - leg

by Pixelle

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5:29 AM - foam

by hopeless128

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5:27 AM - where is it?

by angrysalad

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5:22 AM - splash

by ORBman

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5:16 AM - sleep

The Final Bath.

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5:11 AM - steaming waters

by Trapac

Roman Baths.
The author of the photo: "I was struck how incredibly solid and strong these original Roman pillars are and the richness of the colours from that mineral staining...
Bathing formed part of really important social contact (and I suppose not smelling like a rotting kipper had its advantages!). The more attendants you had, massaging the most exotic oils, lotions and potions into your body, the higher your status...and if it was me - the more useless I would become at doing ANYTHING constructive midst complete languour and copious sighs! Anyway, moving on quickly before I lose my concentration...
It was here that you would receive your clients and make important business decisions, seal deals and possibly arrange a few asassinations if you could squeeze in a spare moment and a quiet corner. Meanwhile others might debate important issues (the latest result between the Christians and the Lions) or listen to philosophers aka those who liked the sound of their own voices. If you were really keen, there were nearby sports courts you could wear yourself out at before taking a sauna and a 'Turkish' massage, and then plunging yourself (foolishly in my opinion..) into another nearby pool of cold water. Many of those of higher status might go through this at least twice a day........now there's a thought!
For more information on The Roman Baths you can look here. "

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4:48 AM - Roman Bath

The Roman Baths were public and in places like this one. Bath is the site of a natural hot spring. The Romans built baths here in the first century A.D. and occupied them for 400 years. They were abandoned for several hundred years, then re-occupied during the middle ages, then again during the nineteenth century. The pool and pavement date from the Roman era. Part way up the wall you can see a change in texture from the Victorian period. The Romanesque statues around the upper balcony are Victorian.

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4:25 AM - Go to baths

Quadro The Turkish Bath, de 1862. Do pintor francês Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867). Está no Museu du Louvre, Paris.

O Banho Turco. Foi cenário e motivo para muito coisa. Não é por acaso que o banho é um dos momentos mais intimos que as pessoas têm. É um momento especial que, ao longo do tempo, se tem vindo a tornar mais especial ainda, já que se torna mais raro estarmos, por exemplo, nús.

The Source, 1856, está no Museu d'Orsay, Paris.

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